CBH: Arbitrated outcome reached on rail access

WAFarmers welcomes the arbitrated outcome reached between CBH and Arc Infrastructure (formerly Brookfield Rail) that provides a long-term access agreement to the rail network.

For the past 5 years, CBH on behalf of Western Australian growers have been working to achieve fair access for grain growers to the rail network.

WAFarmers President, Rhys Turton welcomed the outcome saying it was a positive result following a long and arduous process, “CBH have received an outcome that will provide certainty and security well into the future for West Australian grain growers,” he said.

“The outcome will allow CBH to confidently invest in the grain receival network and position the cooperative well into the future.

“While the outcome regarding Tier 3 rail lines is disappointing at this time, it was clearly an economic decision not to invest in the degraded Tier 3 lines, this will be the best overall decision for growers in the long-term.

“At a time when grain growers are faced with significant international competitiveness, it is imperative the CBH network remain at a minimum cost pathway from site to port.

“Today’s (November 4 2019) outcome has brought certainty to both growers and CBH to the long-term use of grain on rail in WA.

“Given the position is clear on Tier 3 rail, it is now imperative that state and federal governments ramp up their expenditure on Western Australia’s wheatbelt and regional road network for the safety our of regional communities,” Mr Turton said.

WAFarmers will continue to work on transport issues for the best outcome on behalf of its members and urges members to attend the rail arbitration outcome community meetings hosted by CBH in Bruce Rock and Kulin.

Details of the community meetings can be found by emailing the Grower Service Centre at growerservicecentre@cbh.com.au.

Source: WAFarmers