Honda GSV190 Engine

Honda GSV190 Engine

The GSV190 is a smooth operator, perfect for powering everyday products like commercial and domestic lawnmowers, or agricultural equipment.

It’s built for higher durability, with features like a cast iron cylinder liner and three-piece oil control, and the benefits of a lightweight (it’s the lightest engine in its class), durable, quiet Overhead Cam design mean it’s an excellent choice for demanding homeowner applications and light commercial equipment alike.

A Ball Bearing-supported crankshaft and a dual element air cleaner are incorporated into the GSV190 for an increased work life.

A Dua-Lube System provides superior engine lubrication, and it also harbours a proven lifetime timing belt design.

And with an easily accessible oil drain & fill and spark plug, and an Auto Choke System available, the GSV190 is easy to use and maintain.

Being a Honda, the GSV190 Engine is covered by Honda’s comprehensive 2 Year Domestic and Commercial Warranty.

Throw in a network of over 400+ authorised Honda dealers around Australia, and you’ve got all the back-up you should ever need!

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