Operation Grain Harvest Assist has launched its inaugural website. A national initiative coordinated and managed by former ADF members, the initiative is very much a collaborative effort with the Australian Grains Industry and is focused on motivating and mobilising former and retired ADF servicemen and women to assist grain producers harvest the bumper crop expected this season.

National Facilitator of the Operation, retired Lt Col Garry Spencer said there is a wide range of jobs available that former ADF members are suitable for.

“Former servicemen and women are remarkable people, when times are hard, they know how to step in and get the job done,” he said.

“Our grain producers need assistance, and we have the people with the right skillsets, capability and work ethic to step up to the challenge.”

With the 2021 grain harvest now underway, the operation remains committed to providing a solid solution during Australia’s chronic skilled farm labour shortage.

“We are encouraging all interested former ADF people to quickly match-up with grain producers and grain businesses, initially via the website and then through the Facebook pages (available through the website), ensuring they have first registered” Mr Spencer said.

“Hourly rates are attractive, with many farms also providing meals and accommodation – not only will you be helping our grain producers, it’s a good way to earn some additional income.”

“We request grain producers to register for support on the website and we wish them the very best of luck for a successful harvest and encourage all fit and able former and retired ADF servicemen and women to sign up via the website and assist where they are able,” he said.

Source: WAFarmers